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Find Your Next Pair of Glasses at Our Sydney Clinic

After you’ve had your eyes examined at MacLeod Optical & Vision Centre, there’s no need to go anywhere else for your glasses as we have everything you need.

MacLeod Optical & Vision Centre has an impressive selection of designer eyeglass frames to choose from. Whether you need a new prescription or would just like a change in style, our highly trained and friendly Opticians can help you find the perfect frames to complement your lenses and your new look.

We offer an array of materials and lens features to choose from. Digital no-line progressive lens technology that broadens your view of the world. Thinner, lighter, and more impact resistant lens materials are available to ensure you maximize your look and feel.

Do you have trouble with glare while driving at night?  How about eyestrain that results from too much time in front of a computer screen?  

We offer many options to help reduce glare and discomfort with targeted anti reflective coatings.

We also make frame adjustments and modifications. Come see us today.


Polarized sunglasses reduce glare on the water, snow ice, and windshields!  Most frames can be made into sunglasses, so the possibilities are endless.


Is your temple missing a screw or are you in need of nosepads?  Visit our dispensary for complimentary repair!


Complimentary eyeglass adjustments/maintenance for our clients!  If your glasses aren’t feeling 100% visit our dispensary for a quick tune-up.  We will assess your glasses to make sure that they are in proper alignment, clean, and tightened.


Things happen!  That’s why each customized pair of prescription eyeglasses come with a two year warranty.  We will replace your frame and lenses once within two years of purchase date.  This covers scratches and damages only, so don’t forget to bring us the parts!   

At Your Service

Come see us for all of your eye care needs today!